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MaiDireMeta English Version!

Welcome everybody on this Touch web site!

Now MaiDireMeta is the natural point of start for all the non italian teams wants to play in italy, for the players that have a journey in italy and wants to play and for all the fan of rugby that wants to play together in a good and all situations situable sport!

Are you a newbie of touch in italy?

If you are thinking about play touch in italy but you really don't know how to start your adventure, this is your first step: write us!
Our staff will be glad to take you into the italian touch rugby world! A lot of players have already wrote us to start playing in Milan, in Venice and near others places.

Do you want to organise a touch tour in italy?

Are you looking for a touch tour in italy? Do you need more information about: teams, period of playing, places and accomodation? we can help you!
Play touch in Italy is possible, contact us!

MaiDireMeta organisation is a web site and a community of touch fans. We are working to improve the touch diffusion in Italy with News feed, helps in tournaments organisations and referee and players formation. We try to do the best to keep in contact all the touch teams in italy with the same project: play, play and.. play!
For our service we don't ask for money, but we ask to play and to exchange our little experience with all the players and club manager who will wants to play with us.

Our HQ is in Oderzo in the north east of Italy, some Km from Venice. If you pass here you're Welcome! but we have contact and agreements with a lot of touchers in all Italy.
Please, fell free to contact us for questions and request.